Frequently Asked Questions
How do I download papers?

Open up this subject folder and you'll see more folders inside, ranging from 2017 to 2009. Open the year you want, and you'll find the final November paper for that year, the supplementary paper for that year and the trial Exams for that year.

To view each paper, we recommend using Adobe Reader XI on a computer, or PDF Box on iOS, or () on Android.

How do I understand the file names of the papers?

Every file name begins with the year the paper is from. Thereafter, "Nov" papers are from November, "Supp" is for supplementary papers in February/ March, and "trials" are for trials in September.

Every trials paper will have a code, such as EC or WC, indicating which province it came from. This is because every province writes a different trial exam. EC is for Eastern Cape, WC is for Western Cape, and so on.

M at the end of the file name indicates that the file is a memo. Q indicates that the file is a question paper. A is for addendum, which is only used in history papers. V is for version, because sometimes 2 versions of the same paper are written in one year. SG is for standard grade; HG is for higher grade.

How can I contribute my past papers to the website?

If you have any papers which we don't have on our website, feel free to scan them (using your scanner or phone) and send us an email at

Please attach the file, as well as the memo, and any additional documents (such as a map for geography, or an addendum for history). And please ensure that any files you send are in PDF format. We would really appreciate it.

What subjects are available for download?

So far we have Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science, history, geography, English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Accounting.

We look forward to adding many more subjects in the future.

How can we contact you?

You can use the Contact Us page

Is this site totally free?

Yes. All resources on this site are completely free, to ensure that everyone can benefit fully from it.

Where can I get good advice about matric?

We answer all your important questions and more in our blog, which you can view here: null

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